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The Elder Scrolls VI: Argonia

The Elder Scrolls RPG

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Elder Scrolls 6 the Next Big Bethesda Announcement not Fallout 4 – More Leaked Details Emerge


Elder Scrolls 6 has been a topic for discussion among gamers over the past few months. There was a pretty large rumor about Elder Scrolls 6 being announced at the PlayStation experience in Los Vegas during the beginning of December however those rumors were short lived after the event passed and no Elder Scrolls 6 announcement was made. Since then, however, a few more details about said game have trickled out making us believe that Elder Scrolls 6 is next in line for Bethesda to announce opposed to the much awaited Fallout 4 release.


Past rumors circulated about Fallout 4 when Bethesda executive producer, Todd Howard, confirmed in 2011 that the studio was working on two major projects. While now we know one of those projects was Skyrim the other project was swept under the rug to leave players wondering if the other title he spoke of was Fallout 4. Now it is wondered if the second project could have been Evil Within however with Howard confirming it might not be known for “A very very long time” what the second project could be. The Fallout 4 rumor has now settled down and players are left waiting and wanting to learn about the much awaited Fallout 4. Sadly, speculation about Fallout 4 have dwindled while Elder Scrolls 6 details have been pushed to the forefront.


Elder Scrolls 6 Rumored Information:


Recently, a casting studio held auditions for voice actors to appear in an ‘AAA video game title’. While little to nothing is known about the casting, pieces of the script have leaked over the web in a popular acting forum in which actors must pay to use ( It is said that the script is centered on a hero fighting a ‘war in Skyrim’. This leads us to believe that previous Elder Scrolls 6 rumors might actually be true. While many gamers have remained skeptical to any Elder Scrolls 6 news, this confirms its development.


So far, the rumors that surrounding Elder Scrolls 6 are that the title of the game may be called Elder Scrolls 6: Argonia and that the game focuses on the Argonian race. It is also speculated that the games release date will be March of 2016 as this also follows Bethesda’s typical release pattern. While the information can be taken with a grain of salt, the information surrounding Elder Scrolls 6 seems solid.


Nothing will be entirely confirmed until Bethesda decided to open their mouth about their projects however recent details show that they are definitely thinking in the terms of Elder Scrolls 6 opposed to the little to no information we have learned about Fallout 4. Since the speculated release date is in 2016 there is still possibility for a Bethesda title to release in-between now and then. Elder Scrolls 6 is just one title that Bethesda can’t keep the lid on, let’s just hope the Fallout 4 we have been waiting for is just wrapped up a little tighter than Elder Scrolls 6.




niby żadne oficjalne ogłoszenie, ale raczej jest to pewniak, więc prosiłbym nie zamykać

btw. szkoda tego Fallouta, mogliby w końcu coś z nim ogarnąć.


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raczej do zamknięcia

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Zamykam i powinien być warn.
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