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Assetto Corsa: Competizione


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#1 Mauro Napisany 21 luty 2018 - 15:14



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Assetto Corsa Competizione, the new official game of the BLANCPAIN GT SERIES, an official grand touring racing series, named after world-renowned Swiss watch manufacture Blancpain and organized by SRO Motorsports Group, will be speeding onto Steam Early Access this summer.






Zapowiada sie genialnie - pogoda, dzień/noc, unreal engine 4, fizyka Assetto  :wub:  - jaranko


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#2 Mauro Napisany 23 luty 2018 - 09:59



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Karwa mesjasz is coming


Taken from an Italien interview with Marco Massarutto.

Driver swaps confirmed at the beginning of the interview.
They spent 8 months in R&D and decided to use the UE4 for their game and it will probably used for their future projects.
Early access (beta version) at a lower price than the release one.
Many teams use AC for the training of their pilots. Some of the teams also asked them some advices to build their own simulator.
Direct collaboration between pilots, teams and kunos.
They will use the 2018 season for the content.
There will be 10 circuits used in the Blancpain series (you can find them on the blancpain calendar).
They will follow their philosophy, so the handling will be realistic (as it was in AC).
Tyre model, aero and suspension geometry will be improved thanks to new developers that have been hired in the last year (one of them is also a mechanical engineer).
ACC will be more versatile and easier to use for people with less experience (which doesn't mean less realism).
The feeling of the car will be improved.
They received numerous esports contacts, but for the moment they are focusing on the development of the game. (Based on the way he talked about this, i believe esports will come)
Official leaderboards (basically RSR inside the game).
They hired the guy behind minorating.
sprint races, endurance ones, diver swap, strategy from pitwall
phisics engine as been reviewed and improved to 64 bit
AI as been reworked too
all rules will be present ingame flags, stewarts and so on
ranking/rating for servers (minorating is working with them now)
night, rain confirmed
video is pure gameplay no pre rendered vid
full support from Epic
real working mirrors
better phisics thanks to mechanical engineer on team
better tire model suspension geometry and car body phisics

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#3 Mauro Napisany 20 kwiecień 2018 - 16:21



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Nowa porcja screenów dedykowana wyścigowi na Monzy w ten weekend w ramach Blancpain GT Series :) Wszystkie pochodzą z aktualnej bety











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#4 Hellmans Napisany 20 kwiecień 2018 - 19:18


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Fajnie jakby wcisnęli w karierę Spa 24h, bo growego wariantu jeszcze nie zaliczyłem :olo:

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#5 Mauro Napisany 22 kwiecień 2018 - 13:15



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Wrzucili więcej screenow, bardzo fajnie to wyglada :)









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#6 Spuczan Napisany 22 kwiecień 2018 - 18:28



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Zajebiscie to wygląda.
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